Backup Services

Take Care of Your Data. Take Care of Your Business.
Are you sufficiently protected from data loss that could devastate your business? Backup and data protection solutions eliminate these worries, allowing you to focus on the critical areas of your business. All of our backup offerings are disk-based, which allows for faster restores and easier off-site data retention than tape-based systems ever could. Our world-class data centers provide the infrastructure and support necessary to manage your data protection needs and easily accommodate your requirements as your business grows.

Fully Managed Backup

Worried about data loss and what impact that can have on your business? Unsure of how to backup your data or what technologies to use? Are you using your control panel’s unreliable and unsupported backup utility? Worried about the inevitable data restore and how to do one? Does your heart sink every time your server has unscheduled downtime and you hope your backups are current? Our team of experts will make sure your data is always backed up and will be ready to assist you with data restoration 24x7.

Key Benefits of Fully Managed Backup Services

  • Customized Solution – The CMS Backup Services dedicated team of professionals will work with you to customize a backup solution that fits your needs
  • Working for You – Our team will work in the background to ensure your backups run every night. In the event of an error, our professionals will act on your behalf to ensure uninterrupted backups. You can rest assured with the security of knowing your data is safe

Features Included with Fully Managed Backup

  • 20 GBs of high availability and fault tolerant storage included
  • 24x7 monitoring and reaction of your backup processes
  • Daily differential backups
  • 7-day retention policy (can be extended as needed)
  • Customized solutions available
  • Five restores included per month

Fully Managed Backup Pricing

  • $75 per server (monthly)
  • $1/GB for each additional GB of storage (available in 20 GB increments)

Continuous Data Protection (CDP) Backup

CDP provides a full range of options to protect your mission-critical information, from continuous data protection and disaster recovery, to regular daily backups. CDP is a data protection solution that runs on both Linux and Windows servers. CDP is available as a software add-on to any VDS or dedicated server. Offering both continuous data protection and bare metal restore abilities, CDP is a true data protection offering, not just a backup product. CDP is ideal for the administrator looking for automation capabilities beyond Network Backup or seeking more advanced data protection abilities.

Key Benefits of CDP Backup

No More Backup Windows
With continuous data protection, your data is protected as it changes. This means the latest version of your data is always backed up, including open files.

Quick Restores
Like all backup offerings from CMS, CDP Backup is a disk-to-disk solution, as a result you don't have to wait for tape drives to deliver lengthy restores.

Bare Metal Restore
In the event of a total system failure, a complete disk image can be restored to another server in minutes.

Increased Security Through Dedicated Hardware
Organizations that require full end-to-end control of their data can rest assured it will never reside on a system with another customer's information - both in-flight and at-rest data can be further protected with integrated encryption.

Affordable, High-Capacity Backups
This solution is extremely cost effective – providing complete protection at a low price per GB backup solution.

CDP Backup Pricing

  • $50 per server (monthly), additional $30 per month for optional MySQL plug-in
  • $1/GB for each additional GB of storage quota (available in 20 GB increments)
Network Backup

Leverage our managed storage environment which has been optimized for backup and archiving – You provide the software or create scripts to run the backup or archive jobs, with access via CIFS (Samba), windows share or FTP.

Key Benefits of our Network Backup Solutions

Application and Operating System Agnostic
Our Network Backup solutions provides a target for the backups that you manage. Whether it's a cron job copying files directly or the backup function of a control panel writing to a share, your Network Backup space can be easily accessed over the network.

Not all businesses have the same amount of data. Our Network Backup solution provides a scalable and highly available backup target starting with as little as 10GB of storage.

Quick Backups and Restores
Like all backup offerings from CMS, Network Backup is a disk-to-disk solution which means you don't have to wait for tape drives to deliver lengthy restores.

This no-frills network backup offering is available for just $0.50 per GB month, making it our lowest-cost backup solution.

Which Backup Solution is Right for You?

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