Data Management
Your companyís data should always be available, easy to quickly access, properly secured and protected. Proper management and protection of your business data is our specialty. You can count on CMS to understand your requirements and to help you design and implement a scalable storage infrastructure that meets your needs and budget. Learn more about data management here.

Disaster Planning
Did you know that 90% of companies that lose their data are out of business within two years? Restoring operations quickly can mean the difference between overcoming adversity and getting burned. Do you know where your data is? Learn more about disaster planning here.

Data loss, electronic snooping, hacker attacks, unauthorized access, stolen password, denial-of-service, are just a few of the Information Security issues businesses face today. Our expert security consultants provide our clients with professional security analysis and solutions. Learn more about Security Services here.

Keeping your enterprise connected in the most effective, most reliable ways possible is what mobility is all about. Take the lead in the marketplace and boost productivity by staying connected remotely. With the help of CMS find just the right solutions for your business. Learn more about Mobility Solutions here.

Most servers run at a small fraction of their total capacity, wasting precious resources and increasing capital costs. Virtualization helps your business reduce costs, reduce your carbon footprint while increasing reliability, increasing flexibility and being completely transparent to the end users. Learn more about Virtualization here.

Virtual CTO
Most companies with fewer than 100 employees canít afford to hire a full-time CTO. Our virtual CTO consulting services gives your growing business an advantage over your competition by leveraging a high-tech hired gun to help executive management align their IT investments with business goals at a fraction of the cost of a full-time CTO/CIO. Learn more about our Virtual CTO consulting solution here.