Computer Security is a Necessity

The truth is every time your network connects to the Internet you open your systems up to millions of unknown networks and their unknown millions of users. Data loss, electronic snooping, hacker attacks, unauthorized access, stolen password, denial of service, are just a few of the Information Security issues businesses face today.

With the introduction of the Internet, businesses are now forced to re-examine their security infrastructure, especially, if organizations are required to open their information systems to customers, partners, and suppliers in order to maintain a competitive advantage.

An incomplete and outdated security solution can put any company's information resources at risk. A single breach can result in tremendous loss to business and reputation.

We understand the challenges that customers face in today's complex cyber-world and always seek to provide value added solutions. Being aware of the sensitivities in managing the network security needs of our clients, CMS is always striving to provide the latest state of the art in technology to our customers.

Our expert consultants provide our clients with professional security solutions including:

Security Health Check
A security health check performed by our consultants helps you evaluate your current network security status so that you can quickly determine the status of your network security and determine the next steps you need to take.

Network Assessment
Our network security consultants follow a tried, tested and proven methodology to conduct superior security assessments for out clients. By focusing on protecting the right assets from the right threats with the right measures we achieve the highest levels of assurance and business values.

Our network security assessments cover:

securityChecked Vulnerability assessment
Checked Firewalls
Checked Anti-Virus
Checked Anti-Spam
Checked Anti-spyware
Checked Content Filtering
Checked Patch Management
Checked Business continuity planning
Checked Intrusion prevention and detection
Checked Information security policy writing
Checked Access Controls

Contact us to learn how our security services can help you protect your most important assets today.